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Parish Organizations

St. Charles Parish offers a diverse array of programs to help parishioners grow in their spiritual lives, be of service to others, receive needed support, and enjoy each other's company.  In addition to the organizations listed on this page, there are numerous parish events that weave the fabric of parish life.  These include: Evening Affirming the Faith, Evening to Affirm Life, Baccalaureate Breakfast, Eucharistic Days, Memorial Mass for the Deceased, Corpus Christi Celebration, and various Women's Council and V.I.P. events that are open to the entire parish. 

With Jesus and Mary beside you, look over this list of programs and see if they might recommend one or more of these activities as just right for you.  It's a great opportunity to get to know your brothers and sisters and find new friends. 

Detailed information and contact information regarding parish programs can be found either on the links on this page or on the Faith Formation page.  Information regarding urgent volunteer needs as well as background check requirements (for those working with youth or vulnerable adults) can be found on the Volunteer Home Page.

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