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Perpetual Adoration

St. Charles Borromeo Parish has been blessed with a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel since February of 1999. The Chapel is open twenty-four hours a day from Sunday at 12:00 noon until Saturday at 3:00pm.  Controlled access hours are from 10:00pm to 7:00am. Over 325 adorers have committed one or more hours per week while an additional 50 adorers have agreed to become substitutes, coming in as called by weekly adorers.  This weekly hour of adoration honors the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist through private devotion and contemplative prayer. All parishioners are invited to commit to a weekly hour of adoration and listening with the Blessed Sacrament. 

Sign up!
If you are able to commit to an hour each week (or every other week), please contact Tom or Bonnie Brever at 612-789-6318 or email Bonnie at bonnitamom@gmail.com. May God bless all of our St. Charles Borromeo Perpetual Adoration Chapel Adorers!

Eucharistic Adorers needed for the following hours:

  No scheduled adorers
                    Only one scheduled adorer 
  Two or more scheduled adorers
  No adoration at this time

     Sunday   Monday   Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday    Friday    Saturday 
 12am - 1am       
 1am - 2am       
 2am - 3am       
 3am - 4am   
 4am - 5am       
 5am - 6am       
 6am - 7am       
 7am - 8am       
 8am - 9am       
 9am - 10am       
 10am - 11am       
 11am - 12pm       
 12pm - 1pm       
 1pm - 2pm       
 2pm - 3pm       
 3pm - 4pm       
 4pm - 5pm       
 5pm - 6pm       
 6pm - 7pm       
 7pm - 8pm       
 8pm - 9pm       
 9pm - 10pm       
 10pm - 11pm       
 11pm - 12am   

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